Our Migration Aims

How are we different

We are different from other companies in that we are one of the few that offer a pre-migration assessment and advice, as a way to determine visa eligibility, without requiring you to engage our services on an ongoing basis if you don’t wish to. Regardless of the level of assistance you need, Universal Emigration Consultants has a convenient and affordable service to suit your requirements.

  • Preparing and lodging visa applications
  • Replying to any questions regarding immigration options
  • Assessment of your eligibility for visas
  • Providing a full, comprehensive report on visa eligibility
  • Provision of a list of documents to present to Assessment Authorities and/or Immigration Office
  • Assistance with filling the forms both paper and online forms
  • Advice on chances for review of refused cases

If we find that you are not eligible for one visa, we may be able to offer visa alternatives that could assist your move to either Australia or New Zealand.

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No visa issues or questions are too small or too big for us to handle

lawyer guarantee
The fee paid for any consultation will be rebated should you choose to use our migration consulting services after the initial assessment. No visa issues or questions are too small or too big for us to handle as we have handled many complicated cases.

For all your visa questions, such as resident visa NZ, advice, help and application needs, please contact us today for a budget consultation.

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