If you are looking for a resident visa New Zealand, a work visa or a skilled migrant visa in New Zealand and you’ve seen the latest visa application forms, then you can imagine how easy it would be to make a mistake or inadvertently raise a red flag with immigration. You could have 9 or more documents you’ll need. 40 questions to answer. And over 14 criteria immigration use to determine whether you’re approved or not.

  • Police check
  • Health check
  • Employment agreement
  • Job description
  • Qualifications
  • Reference letters
  • Photo’s
  • Passport
  • Fees
  • Character
  • Genuine job offer
  • Full time job
  • Pay rate
  • Bonafide
If you want to know you’ve presented the strongest case to immigration + made sure you’ve covered any potential roadblocks, then take a look at our 3-Step Visa Planning Session, below.