We are best placed to offer a wide range of services to Australia and New Zealand which include:

  • Skilled Migrant Visas
  • Business/ Investor visas
  • Work Permits/Visas
  • Family reunion visas
  • Student Visas

We are different from the other companies in that we are one of the few companies that offer a pre-migration assessment and advice, as a way to determine visa eligibility, without requiring you to engage our services on an ongoing basis if you do not wish to.

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Regardless of the level of assistance you need, Universal Emigration Consultants has a convenient and affordable service to suit your requirements.

  • Preparing and lodging visa applications
  • Replying to any questions regarding immigration options
  • Assessment of your eligibility for visas.
  • Providing a full, comprehensive report on visa eligibility
  • Provision of a list of documents to present to Assessment Authorities and/or
  • Immigration office
  • Assistance with filling the forms both paper and online forms
  • Advice on chances for review of refused cases
  • If we find that you are not eligible for one visa, we may be able to offer visa alternatives that could assist you move to either Australia or New Zealand.

The fee paid for any consultation will be rebated should you choose to use our full visa application consulting services after the initial assessment.

No visa issues or questions are too small or too big for us to handle as we have handled many complicated cases. For all your visa questions,such as resident visa NZ, advice, help and application needs, please contact us today for a budget consultation.


Overview of our Services

We are one of the few companies that offer a variety of different services depending on client needs. We guarantee our Service


Eligibility Assessment Consultation

Would you like to establish whether you are eligible for a visa?. We provide eligibility assessments for family, partner/spouse, skilled, temporary, business and visitor visas.

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With this service, a professional assessment of your visa and preparation of a written document containing advice, your chances and you need to do inorder to migrate. This is our most popular service and many clients have successfully utilised this affordable alternative to traditional migration consultancy.
If indeed you are assessed as eligible we can provide further advice and assistance through our Full Visa Application Service and Online Migration Services.

Face to Face Consultation Service

Do you prefer to talk to have a face to face consultation? We are happy to offer face to face consultation to determine your visa prospects.

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A Face-to-Face Consultation is a great way to personally discuss your profile and visa eligibility with an expert, get advice about improving your success chances and finding answers to any of your visa related questions.
This consultation will enable us determine your visa prospects.

Online Migration Consultation

Do you need an ongoing immigration support or Are you overseas? We also offer online assistance to clients who need occasional assistance with any part of their visa application, skills assessment, qualifications assessment, state nomination or English testing.

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This is a great way to get professional guidance before submitting any of the above applications. You send the documents to us online and our expert checks the documents to confirm they are in the format required by authorities. This will save you time and give you piece of mind.

Application Check Consultation

Are you worried that something is missing or you might have completed the wrong form?. We are able to check your application and documents before you submit to immigration or skills assessing authority.

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We are able to assist with the relevant checklist and up to date application forms. You prepare the application and documents. We check the documents to confirm they are in the format required by authorities and whether the application is completed correctly. This process is managed by our professional migration consultants.

Full Visa Application Consultation

Do you need to have a piece of mind and minimise the chances of visa rejection? We also provide visa advice, assistance, and preparation of documents as well as providing consultation from start to finish.

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We provide guidance on your eligibility and what you need to do to obtain the visa. We provide you with the relevant checklist and up to date application forms. We assist with completing of the forms. We lodge the application on your behalf and liaise directly with immigration or relevant authority on your behalf.
We manage the entire migration process from start to finish. This process is managed by our professional migration consultants.

Student Visa Fee Consultation

Are you uncertain on what to do to apply for a Student Visa?
We provide a Free Visa Eligibility Assessment that lets you know if you meet the basic requirements to apply for a student visa.


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