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If you’ve seen the latest visa application forms then you can imagine how easy it would be to make a mistake or inadvertently raise a red flag with immigration. You could have 9 or more documents you’ll need. 40 questions to answer. And over 14 criteria immigration use to determine whether you’re approved or not.

  • Police check
  • Health check
  • Employment agreement
  • Job description
  • Qualifications
  • Reference letters
  • Photo’s
  • Passport
  • Fees
  • Character
  • Genuine job offer
  • Full time job
  • Pay rate
  • Bonafide
If you want to know you’ve presented the strongest case to immigration + made sure you’ve covered any potential roadblocks, then take a look at our 3-Step Visa Planning Session, below.

3-Step Visa Planning Sessions

Can be done over the phone, in person and via video conference-Skype, so no matter where you are you're only a phone call away. Here's how they work:

  • <strong>Step 1</strong>

    Step 1

    We determine exactly what you're looking to do and begin to form an idea of the best approach

  • <strong>Step 2</strong>

    Step 2

    We uncover any potential visa roadblocks, finding out if there's anything that could either slow down your approval process or completely de-rail it

  • <strong>Step 3</strong>

    Step 3

    We work out a strategic plan to help you address any roadblocks (even if your job isn't listed on immigrations skills list), document our findings and let you know what to do next.

After Your Planning Session You’ll now be in a great position to know where you’re at and what you can do to start the visa approval process, be it the work visa, skilled migrant visa or the resident visa for New Zealand. Providing you have a case, you can either:

  • A) Use the valuable insights we’ve shared with you to give you guidance on applying for the visa yourself, or
  • B) If you’d prefer, you can let us do all the hard work for you, including
    • analysing your documents,
    • gathering police checks,
    • looking for inconsistencies, and
    • building a strong case for immigration

Special: Offer

If you need to apply for a work or residence visa then right now you’ve got 2 choices, you either

  • A) Spend hours gathering all the relevant documentation, applying for police checks, filling out forms, making sure you’ve got the right details from your employer, double checking all the facts match up and praying you’ve presented the best case to immigration, or
  • B) You can seek out the guidance of an expert. Someone who’s been in the industry for so many years, has the experience to know what you need…who can spot a potential problem before you lodge your application and who can let you know what to do to overcome it
  • Get started right now. Book your 3-Step Visa Planning Session and know that you’re taking the first step in building the strongest case for your visa application.


    Here’s What To Do:

    1. Read the requirements below and make sure you can answer YES to each one

    • a) Work & Resident Visas only: I have a job (or job offer) that totals 30 hours or more work per week
    • b) Partnership Visas only: I have a partner in New Zealand
    • i) My NZ partner has a work visa, or
    • ii) My NZ partner is a permanent resident or NZ citizen, or
    • iii) My NZ partner has a student visa

    2. Click on the “Book Now” button to be taken to the booking page

    3. Fill in your details and click on the “Pay Now” button to pay online OR click on the “Pay Later” button

    Because we want to make it up to you, we are offering a special offer (limited in time) for your 3-Step Visa Planning Session:

    Only $50 if you register by Thursday, August 22nd, 23:59 NZST.

    3b. If you clicked “Pay Now” you’ll be taken to a secure site to enter your payment details

    4. You’ll then receive an email from us letting you know we’ve received your booking and will be in contact shortly to book in your session

    5. We’ll contact you by phone to arrange a time and date for your session and work out your preference of either phone, video (Skype) or in person

    And remember! Your 3-Step Visa Planning Session fee can be used as a credit to any future services, should you choose to select us as your Immigration Advisors.

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    *Full Money Back Guarantee only applies if you use our services to lodge your visa.

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